Safer People Handling Update


Safer People Handling Update

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is aimed at all those who are experienced in safely moving people in their care

Course Aims

To be able to manoeuvre people safety using equipment where appropriate

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course you will:
  • Be aware of health issues that may necessitate support
  • Be aware of the need to follow good infection control procedures
  • Understand how to manoeuvre residents with dignity
  • Know the importance of promoting independence
  • Recognise the need for clear communication
  • Know techniques used for assisted walking
  • Know techniques for moving a person from sitting to standing
  • Recognise the signs that a person might be falling
  • Be aware of some ways to deal with a falling person
  • Be aware of reasons why a person may need moving in bed
  • Know how to move a person in bed
  • Know how to apply a slide sheet
  • Understand the safety checks to be performed before hoisting
  • Know how to use a hoist and sling
  • Understand how to manoeuvre people safely using a hoist
  • Understand roles and responsibilities

Course available as

Course Length: 45 Mins

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